Tahoe Arts and Mountain Culture
Tahoe Arts and Mountain Culture

Rock Climbing Classes in South Shore

Posted on June 21, 2013
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rickclimber.jpgConcentration. Strength. Agility. Finesse.

Rock climbers own these skills that translate into the rest of their lives. And, living in Tahoe and Truckee make it easy to find the prime spots like 90 Foot Wall, Pie Shop, Donner Summit and D.L. Bliss State Park.

Want to get started?

Register with your climbing buddies at the Lake Tahoe Community College

Photo by Rick Gunn

We live in a special place. A place so beautiful it nurtures the soul and creative spirit. A place so breathtaking it inspires conservation. A mountain culture that masters the fine art of living. Welcome to this place we call home. Welcome to Lake Tahoe. Meet the local artists, individuals, businesses and events that define our unique mountain culture and embody Tahoe's creative and entrepreneurial spirit.
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South Lake Tahoe
Jeff Davis Peak at South Lake Tahoe
Blue Lakes Backcountry
Angora Fire Lookout
Alder Peak LO
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Wood Pecker at Lake Tahoe
Hawley Grade Falls at Lake Tahoe

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