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Truckee Trail Updates 24/7

Posted on July 19, 2016
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truckee-trails-foundationThis is so cool.

The Truckee Trails Foundation website provides updates on the mountain bike trail, roads and bikeway conditions in North Shore and Truckee.

Each trail update includes an open status, trail type, difficulty, directions to the trail head, and a description of the trail – written by a local who knows the trail.

And, there’s even a Google Map for each dirt trail so you can pinpoint your ride. Sweet!

It is so well done.  Truckee has one more reason to brag.

Truckee Trails Foundation Goal:

To provide the Truckee area with a network of trails and bike paths for fun, adventure and alternative transportation.

Truckee Trails Foundation is a committed group of community-minded people focused on the development of a local trail and bikeway system. Our goal is to connect people and places, reduce dependence on automobiles and improve physical, social, and environmental health for the community.

We owe a big fat thank you to the foundation, and the business and individual supporters, for providing this useful tool so we know if a trail is open before we go (and waste gas getting there!) and, above all, know which routes to use for riding and commuting.

truckee-trails-foundation logoBut wait! We can do more.

Become an individual member for just $35, and we can help keep this trail system alive and maybe even help it expand into South Shore and beyond.

Check it out at

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