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Hula Tribe 4 High Fives Raises Close to $40,000

Posted on November 12, 2013
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High Fives Hula TribeOn Saturday, September 28 the High Fives Non-Profit Foundation and the Hula Tribe combined to form the largest group to ever take on a Tough Mudder event. The Tough Mudder (Tahoe Fall) event hosted over 12,000 competitors on the grueling 10-mile course at Northstar California Resort. In a successful effort to raise funds for the High Fives Non-Profit Foundation, 50 Hula Tribe members marched to the beat of two drums while outfitted in war paint and hula skirts on a sunny fall day in North Lake Tahoe.

Close to $40,000.00 was raised by members of the Hula Tribe (a team of like-minded individuals representing Hula Networks), proving that the sky is the limit when you set goals and embrace positivity. The money raised supports a variety of High Fives Foundation endeavors such as the purchase of rehabilitative and adaptive equipment as well as funding for alternative healing and therapies through the Winter Empowerment Program.

“The High Fives Foundation has supported 51 athletes through the recovery process but at the Tough Mudder, I had 49 Hula Tribe Members helping me through the course.” Remarks High Fives Foundation Co-Founder and Executive Director – Roy Tuscany remarks, “It is amazing that the High Fives Foundation has helped 51 athletes to date and it took 49 people to get me through the Tough Mudder course at Northstar California Resort!”

The Tough Mudder Tahoe Fall event was a challenging course filled with 22 obstacles that the team worked together in a cohesive effort to conquer. This unique fundraising campaign built camaraderie between the team while showcasing each team member’s inspirational drive to accomplish goals on a unified front. The Hula Tribe 4 High Fives had High Fives Foundation Athlete Jake Hickman, Director of Operations – Adam Baillargeon and Co-Founder Roy Tuscany among its 50 members.

“Four years ago, myself and a handful of close friends founded the Hula Tribe. This year our mission stood strong. We continued to charge forward, helping spread the word of camaraderie while we raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. This year however, we have joined forces with the High Fives Non-Profit Foundation.” Say’s Hula Tribe’s Joe Commendatore “We’ve expanded our goals to include raising money and awareness for the High Fives Foundation. On September 28 we saw to it that High Fives Co-Founder, Roy Tuscany, and High Fives Athlete Jake Hickman completed the Tough Mudder course alongside the other members of the Hula Tribe. After having suffered a life-altering injury in a car accident with my father in which both of our lives changed, I am very passionate about our fundraising efforts. The opportunity to help others in the same shoes that I found myself in at 17 years old means the world to me.”

The Hula Tribe 4 High Fives top fundraiser was Joe Commendatore. Through his philanthropic efforts, Joe raised $11,259.00. To thank him, the High Fives Foundation gifted Joe with a one-of-a-kind, Gibson Les Paul Guitar with a custom Volkl Shiro Skis graphic! This amazing guitar was produced for fundraising through the partnership between Volkl Skis and the High Fives Foundation. Stay tuned for the Tough Mudder 2014 (Tahoe Fall) event in which the Hula Tribe 4 High Fives aims to raise the bar, conquer the course and expand the reach of this unique fundraiser’s possibilities.


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