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Happy New Year by Sharon Freewoman and New Moon Ceremony Jan 11

Posted on January 1, 2013
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Yes, we are still here, in mostly one piece, for this moment and many more to come.Though this time will eventually fade away in our memories, the subtle shifts that have been taking place will continue to bring a lighter world to live in for future generations. 2013 is also the Universal Year of “6”.  We, as a collective of human consciousness, must now work towards bringing that new wave of light to fruition as we move into the”Galactic Spring”.

A New Year New Moon Ceremony will be held on Friday, January 11th at 7 pm at Thomas Clarke Chiropractic, 10880 Brockway Road in Truckee. Bring water to drink, wear warm and comfy clothes, and if you have a rattle or drum bring that too!  

The last full moon of 2012 and the first full moon of the New Age has passed and the energies engendered are building swiftly to push us to let go of the old ways that have taken us into the darkness and to embrace a new way of being to bring us into more light.

The New Moon of January 11th in Capricorn delivers the Saturnian message of building a better foundation to move forward on. This is the time to put forth your intentions, goals and resolutions for the coming year for the most impact as the planetary energies will be working with you.

Capricorn, an earth sign ruled by Saturn, begins the new year at the Winter Solstice when the light of the sun starts its return. It is the perfect zodiac sign for this time as it represents how we structure the physical world around us, how we use our power to bring form and matter into being,and how we create our reality.

I urge you to take time this year to reflect deeply on the world you want to be in and what you are creating for the future. With conscious deliberation decide on what your highest dreams and visions can bring to making our world more peaceful and committed to the highest good for all beings.

I invite you to bring those dreams and visions to share within community and to help construct the new world.

A New Year New Moon Ceremony will be held on Friday, January 11th at 7 pm at Thomas Clarke Chiropractic, 10880 Brockway Road in Truckee. Bring water to drink, wear warm and comfy clothes, and if you have a rattle or drum bring that too!  We will be putting forth our positive intentions for this new age and ringing the crystal singing bowls to move the vibrations out into the cosmos.

Looking forward to building the new Dream with You!  Sharon Freewoman of The Rainbow Bridge in Truckee.

2013: The Universal Year of “6”

Six is a great number! The numerological significance of the six is that of the “mother” vibration. Caring, nurturing, selfless, creating security and harmony within the home and environment is the purview of the number six. This is a year you might find yourself being drawn to tend to the wider community more than before.

Six is a number of balance. We are to walk the middle path in a six year. Avoid extremes. Weigh your decisions carefully especially around your health, home and finances.

As we approach this new year of “six” energy look to bring balance into your life on all levels, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Nurture yourself and your family. Before engaging a tenuous situation step back, take a deep breath and search for what will bring the situation into equity. Restoring equilibrium will release the tensions and bring the peace you desire.

The “six” energy year can also mean we take a healthier stance for ourselves and Mother Earth, our home. Bringing our actions into parity with Mother Nature, including taking care of our own bodies and that of our families is a duty we can embrace wholeheartedly this year. Teaching people all over the world to give conscious thought to how we can best live in beauty and harmony will be a focus of our responsibilities.

Six is a loving number, filled with the potential for beauty, peace and harmony. Take this “six” year’s opportunities to enrich your life with these qualities.

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