Tahoe Arts and Mountain Culture
Tahoe Arts and Mountain Culture

Sierra Agape Center’s Arts in Wellness

Posted on March 12, 2015
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“Silence, healing.” ― Heraclitus

In 2012, Sierra Agape partnered with artist Susie Alexander to offer healing through artistic expression. This is especially well suited for individuals experiencing chronic illness or pain of any kind.

Studies show that the ability to activate their “inner healer” through creative expression activates neurological responses that trigger subtle physical changes, decrease pain levels and positively impact immune system response.

For more information about creative expression opportunities and workshops, please visit or contact Susie Alexander at or 530-277-3669.

Sierra Agape Center is aware of the growing need in our region for counseling, supportive mentorship and resource linkage and that the cost of insurance and private therapy is prohibitive for many. Only two agencies provide service at reduced rates, Sierra Mental Wellness in Tahoe City, which offers a sliding fee and Sierra Agape Center in Truckee which offers service on a donation basis. Many of our families and individuals are living on the edge, a situation they find terrifying and humiliating many respond by isolating and/or abusing substances. Peer counseling programs like We’re All Ears Listening Partners are vital adjuncts for county mental health professionals whose clients need interim support, and are becoming increasingly important for law enforcement who often encounter individuals in need of compassionate intervention and linkage with resources. Peer counseling is the future of mental well-being and we have already developed a model program here in this area.


Sierra Agape Center was founded by Kimball C. Pier, LMFT in May of 2010 in response to a growing need for a welcoming place to find healing or navigate through the challenges of life. Our mission is to continually create accessible opportunities and services in response to the needs of our community in a way that does not define the problems of life as mental illness, but considers each person’s potential and insight with a focus on the relationship between mind, body, soul and spirit. We offer holistic therapeutic services based in the Buddhist Paramita or tradition of Dā-na (pronounced dah-nah), which means to cultivate generosity. We believe that services offered to clients on a donation basis empowers clients to decide what they can afford and how valuable they feel the service is to them.

In providing holistic therapeutic services and consultation in the Buddhist tradition of Dana, Sierra Agape Center’s vision is to contribute to changing the face of health care and wellness services so that services are accessible to anyone in need. Psychology has been practiced as a branch of Western or allopathic medicine for since its beginnings, however, much of what is defined as “illness” or “disease,” can be approached with a much broader scope and re-defined in more holistic, and non-medicalized terms. Our approach to problems with life and relationships includes exploring all domains of a person’s spiritual and physical life and then working with clients to enliven the body, soul and spirit with creative approaches including yoga and meditation. We believe that people deserve to receive care in a non-threatening, non-judgmental and loving manner.


We live in a special place. A place so beautiful it nurtures the soul and creative spirit. A place so breathtaking it inspires conservation. A mountain culture that masters the fine art of living. Welcome to this place we call home. Welcome to Lake Tahoe. Meet the local artists, individuals, businesses and events that define our unique mountain culture and embody Tahoe's creative and entrepreneurial spirit.
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