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Keep Tahoe Blue

Posted on June 5, 2015
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KeepTahoeBlueThe League to Save Lake Tahoe is dedicated to protecting, restoring, and advocating for the ecosystem health and scenic beauty of the Lake Tahoe Basin.

The organization focuses on water quality and its clarity for the preservation of a pristine Lake for future generations.

“Keep Tahoe Blue” means a crystal clear Lake, protecting watersheds that support native plants and forests and abundant wildlife, an active and informed community of residents and visitors who act as stewards for the Lake, and communities and facilities within longstanding urban boundaries that harmonize with the natural environment, and provide low-impact outdoor recreational opportunities now and into the future.

Keep Tahoe Blue lake image

10 things you can do to Keep Tahoe Blue:

1. Ride your bike, take the trolley, walk or carpool.

Excessive automobile use degrades air quality in the Basin and contributes to the decline in Tahoe’s clarity. Before you get in your car, think about how you might be able to consolidate trips….or opt for another mode of transportation.

2. Choose low-impact recreational opportunities.

Choose lake-friendly activities such as kayaking, hiking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing. You’ll actually enjoy the lake in a whole different way.

3. Stay on trails when you hike, bike or ride a horse.

Straying from the trail causes excessive erosion.

4. Get educated and involved.

Educate yourself on local environmental issues and regulations. Joining the League to Save Lake Tahoe and our project, the Upper Truckee River Watershed Stewardship Group, is a great way to learn about what’s happening in Lake Tahoe. Put your knowledge to work and get involved with League events like our annual Tahoe Forest Stewardship Day. For more information on volunteering, contact us at 530.541.5388.

5. Pick up after your pet.

Animal waste contains nutrients which can wash into the lake and contribute to algae growth.

6. Pave your driveway.

Sediments from even the most compacted dirt driveway wash into the nearest storm drain and into Lake Tahoe during a rainfall or snowmelt. Paving your driveway will also reduce the amount of dust in the air during the dry summer months.

7. Check the condition of your wood stove.

Wood smoke contributes to air quality problems. If you have an old wood stove, look into purchasing a newer, EPA-certified stove or fireplace insert. These typically use half the wood to generate the same amount of heat as an old stove, so you’ll save money and help the environment! Better yet, look into wood stove alternatives such as gas!

8. Install Best Management Practices (BMP’s) on your property.

BMP’s are ways to control the runoff from your property and they are required for all properties in the Basin. The BMP’s you need depend on your property type, but examples include building infiltration trenches, paving your driveway, and covering bare soil. To find out which BMP’s will work for your property, Nevada residents should contact the Nevada Tahoe Conservation District (775-586-1610) and California residents should contact the Tahoe Resource Conservation District (530-543-1501).

9. Use native plants when landscaping.

Native or adapted plants are easier to maintain, require little irrigation, and little or no fertilizer. For tips on using native plants, click here to download the Lake Tahoe Home Landscaping Guide (10 MB pdf).

10. Reduce your carbon footprint.

New research shows that Lake Tahoe could be vastly impacted by global climate change. Do your part to start global cooling by doing simple steps around your home or office.

To learn more about the League to Save Lake Tahoe and to donate to the cause to Keep Tahoe Blue, click here.

Peter Spain Bonzai Rock

Photography by Peter Spain:

Peter Spain is a local photographer from Tahoe Vista specializing in Portrait, Scenic, and Landscape photography. In addition to donating his beautiful photos for the League to Save Lake Tahoe website, Peter has donated use of his images for the League’s newsletters, Annual Reports, and Information Center displays. By donating his images Peter hopes to help create awareness of how beautiful and special Lake Tahoe is.

“What I see now is what I want generations in the infinite future to enjoy as we do today. All of my Tahoe photos are truly timeless, as this would be the same view someone saw 1000 years ago, and that’s what the League is all about, to keep it this way.” Peter Spain, Lake Guardian

You can find more information about Peter’s work and purchase prints of his photos at

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