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Tahoe Arts and Mountain Culture

Women’s Conscious Dance Retreat Feb 23-25 in Woodfords

Posted on February 2, 2018
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Ann ThennesThe Mountain Gypsy, Ann Thennes, will hold her 3-day Women’s Conscious Dance Retreat February 23- 25, 2018 in Woodfords.

“The intelligence of our bodies not constrained by our conditioning becomes movement medicine – our birth rite.” Emilie Conrad said it best. Amen. And, Ann brings us the space and delivers!

The mind/body/spirit is a unified force. This retreat is  about tapping into that wisdom through conscious movement and conscious dance. Over the weekend you will study the philosophy, science and art of dance. Through sensory exercises, free form conscious movement, discussion and ceremony. Rather than memorize actions or steps we will work at rediscovering  a way of being.  The wisdom is already there, just under the surface, waiting for you. This is an invitation to be present in your body, feel alive in your spirit,have your mind be calm and clear. A time to tend  your internal fire. No prior dance necessary. Only a willingness to explore.

Each season has its own spirit. Winter is a time to dance with the divine forces of earth. A time of manifesting harmony and unity in our lives.  It’s a time to attune the energies of your mind, body and spirit to the rhythms and energies of nature. Come dance with the spiritual essence that lies at the Heart of the Tahoe basin. The dance is free form movement, expression and moving meditation, working to make a conscious connection with your mind, body, spirit and the heartbeat of mother earth.

Ann Thennes heart blessing

Ann’s innate sense of rhythm allows her to connect easily with the cycles, rhythms, energies and elements of her natural surroundings. Her spiritually inspired pieces include decorative gourds, Heart Blessing and Spirit Bowls using animal totems and Goddess art. She often uses objects from nature to adorn her gourds, like bones or antlers, leather, stones or beads.

When she is not working on her art or holding a women’s dance retreat, she is probably teaching an aerobic dance or Heart Rhythms class at the Lake Tahoe Community College or Marcia Sarosik’s Dance Studio.

Heart Rhythms is set to all types of music – world, rock, soul, rhythm and blues – to help students understand world cultures through music and dance.

“There are ancient energies in all of us. Dance brings that energy to the surface and gives it a voice in our life. The dance is free form movement, expression and moving meditation to an image, intention, metaphor or ritual focus. The dance helps us explore the wholeness of who we are and the many blessings we receive from the lake and mountains.” – Ann

“Doing these retreats has added a wonderful element to my life. I love working with the energies, elements and animals of Tahoe.” states Ann. “We live in such a special, magical place.”

The fee for the entire weekend is $225 and includes food and shared lodging. For more info or to register, contact Ann at

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