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Skier and Rider Workshop Nov 16

Posted on October 27, 2013
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Shalah Morris Yoga for Skiers and RidersNow is the time to prepare your body for the slopes with yoga’s deep focused energy and balance to aid in skiing’s rapid speed and fluidity. The more yoga one practices, the more powerful and graceful one becomes both on and off the slopes.

Yoga Studio Tahoe is offering a special skier and rider yoga workshop taught by former pro-skier and yogi Shaelah Morris. The two and one half hour workshop is scheduled for Saturday, November 16, 2013 from 11:30-2:00PM with a cost of $30 for pre-registered participants and $40 at the door.

This special workshop will help participants:

*Build core strength and stability

*Align hips, knee and ankle joints

*Expand lungs and your mind

*Build a strong foundation and stronger legs

*Learn to prevent and avert injury

*Develop great mental focus and body awareness that will enhance your skills both on and off the mountain

Shaelah Morris is a former pro-skier who has traveled the world competing in Big Mountain Competitions and Skier-X’s. She is no stranger to knowing what it takes to achieve one’s best performance on the slopes. Morris combines her love for skiing and yoga to show you how you can remain healthy, centered, strong, flexible and focused so you will have your best season ever– injury free!

“Perhaps the biggest benefit yoga can bring to your skiing is injury prevention. Skiing asks a lot from the body—cold muscles are called upon to perform a variety of functions, while dexterity, balance, and high levels of concentration are also a must. For those skiers who hit the slopes sporadically, these athletic requisites are often too tough, and they can end up injured and disillusioned with the sport. By observing your body’s imbalances, brought on by the particular movements of skiing, and employing a yoga program to bring your body into a state of equilibrium, you can avert injury and participate in the sport for years to come.”  Baron Baptiste, Author and veteran yoga teacher

Yoga Studio Tahoe has expanded its winter class schedule with something for everyone. Noon core power classes are a great new addition. Yoga Studio Tahoe offers Tahoe’s only heated vinyasa flow classes, and its famous apres’ ski yoga is back! Yoga Studio Tahoe founder/director Morris has designed this class specifically for the skiers and riders of Tahoe and Truckee.  Yoga Studio Tahoe is located at 10775 Pioneer Trail-Suite 105B, in Truckee, California.  For more information log on to or call 530-587-1891.

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