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Tahoe Blues by Bona Fide Books

Posted on October 1, 2017
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Fifty-six writers met the challenge to create a compelling story about our lives at the lake captured in Bona Fide Books latest release, Tahoe Blues: Short Lit on Life.

Bona Fide Books has collected 60 short works of flash fiction and true tales, polished like glacial granite to reveal the depths of the lake we love. Each piece is no more than five-hundred words—like the pea-sized gold nugget sifted out of the Upper Truckee, tiny but priceless. Short enough to be read on the lift or in line for a latte, Tahoe Blues offers instant clarity into the Lake of the Sky.

Fifty-six writers met the challenge to create a compelling story.

Subjects are diverse, dimensional, and delightful, and include one common theme beneath the surface – community and a love for this special place we call home.  You be the judge. Tahoe Blues is Bona Fide Books third book, following the publish of Permanent Vacation and Mud Cakes.

Tahoe Blues features writers from all around the lake, and beyond including:

Jessie Marchesseau • Steve Shilstone • Margaret Elysia Garcia • Frank Riley • Suzanne Stone • Jim Hildinger • Elisabeth Korb • Krista Lukas • Mark Maynard • Brittany Michelson • Duane Wallace • Meghan Robins • Mary Cook • Karen Terrey • Charlotte Austin • Tim Hauserman • Arlene L. Mandell • Kai White • Mojie Crigler • Dana Arlien • Brandon Pina • Paul Sohar • Joan Atkinson • Amy A. Whitcomb • Stefanie Freele • Jeanine Stevens • Dave Murcar • Shawn Huestis • Eve Quesnel • David Higginbotham • Kimberly Covill • Allison Bender • Suzanne Roberts • Kailyn McCord • Mike Pielaet-Strayer • June Sylvester Saraceno • Tom Wendell • Erin Costello • Pamela Warman • Sherry Sellars • Janice Stridick • Laura Read • Melissa Siig • Joan Douglas • Jim Hewitt • DJ DeProspero • Cleo Fellers Kocol • Ryan Row • Gloria Sinibaldi • Bruce Rettig • Stacy Hicks • Daniel Ward • Erica Olsen • Scott A. Lukas • Liz Tucker • John Q. McDonald • Lisa Veyssiere

To order your copy now, please visit and head to Gaia Liscious in South Shore or Bespoke in Truckee.


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