Tahoe Arts and Mountain Culture
Tahoe Arts and Mountain Culture

The Battle For Paradise by Jeremy EvansWhile Carla Ennis and other selfish local hikers cannot share trails with other user groups, here is South Lake Tahoe author Jeremy Evans shedding light during his visit to Pavones, a Costa Rican town known for surfing and fishing.

What he found was a modern David and Goliath story.

Tahoe rarely has this narrative, but when it comes to selfish hikers like Carla Ennis it makes us all understand that Respect of each others interaction with Nature and our interconnected way of life is intimate and matters.

Read Jeremy’s book and reflect on our own Battle for Paradise.

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TAMBA Respect Rider EducationRide It. Don’t Slide.

Yield to Hikers and Horses, and uphill riders, and learn how to use both brakes.  And, if you leave a skid, please stop and fix it.

Contact the Tahoe Area Mountain Biking Association (TAMBA)for their Rider Education Program and to help work on trails. Respect.

Become part of Tahoe Bike Culture and join other bikers to promote good trail etiquette that will keep our trails open that TAMBA members worked desperately hard to secure since 1988.

Check out for trail conditions, news, and to see the impressive list of projects. Read more


His love of the West provides the inspiration for his light-filled, vibrant landscapes which convey the clear sense of strong color and deep contrasts he sees in his subjects.  By painting outdoors in the Sierra Nevada mountains including his home at Lake Tahoe, and high deserts of New Mexico and Arizona, he has developed a deep appreciation for the color and beauty of the western landscape.

Meet Andy Skaff, plein air artist from West Shore.

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Donner Party Hike Tahoe CultureHikers can experience the early emigrants’ journey across the Sierra Nevada mountains without reliving the dangers October 3 and 4, 2015 by participants in the Annual Donner Party Hike.

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Nature’s art show is in full display as the Kokanee salmon swim up Taylor Creek for their annual dance of life. The deep red of these non-native fish against the backdrop of the golden aspen along the creek is as stunning as the strength and determination of the running salmon.

The Kokanee were introduced to Lake Tahoe in 1944.

The annual Kokanee Salmon Festival takes place October 3 and 4, 2015 from 10am to 4pm. Read more


We live in a special place. A place so beautiful it nurtures the soul and creative spirit. A place so breathtaking it inspires conservation. A mountain culture that masters the fine art of living. Welcome to this place we call home. Welcome to Lake Tahoe. Meet the local artists, individuals, businesses and events that define our unique mountain culture and embody Tahoe's creative and entrepreneurial spirit.
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